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8 Tips for beautiful balcony garden


A famous writer once composed that rather than dreaming of some magical rose garden above the horizon, we should enjoy the roses that are blooming outside our window today. Choose your lanai your favourite portion of the house where you can saturate in the fresh air and unwind. This place could be your refuge, your haven, your location to escape to when the chaos in your life becomes too much.

When ever you don’t have the luxury of space in metropolis (such as Mumbai; )), liven up your apartment’s balcony garden, and make it a green escape for yourself! Here are some techniques for a modern day garden design.

8 Tips for a wonderful Balcony Garden

Actually with a number of potted plant life, bare railings throughout the patio give a wide opportunity to have an enchanting balcony garden design. Resolve up a few planters on the railings, as many or as few as you prefer, choosing from the variety of shapes and colours available in socks for badminton play. If you feel store-bought metal or clay-based planters just don’t go with your balcony growing plants decor, you could make some yourself by using wooden crates and metallic hooks.

Go ahead and fill up these planters with flowering plants, natural herbs or creepers which you have chosen. Be well prepared to get awed by the riot of trees and colours in your balcony soon!

Get some bird feeders

Want to wind down in your cosy porch with the sound of birds chirping? You can consider getting some fowl feeders. There are a number of options available online and in garden stores – from clinging ones to those that can affix on a wall of your lanai. Take your pick bluing kit for gun! You can also follow the DIY instructions to make your own bird feeders by using empty, clean plastic jars. When you are at it, you could consider adding a little parrot bath to your patio.

Keep these bird feeders stocked up with materials, and see the way they appeal to those feathered beauties in no time.

Invest in some balcony furniture

Get some furniture specially suitable for use in balconies – maybe a centre table and a couple of chairs or a reading sofa. Be sure to choose outdoor furniture that you would feel comfortable settling set for several hours on end. Look for balcony furniture online or at the furniture and garden stores near you – there are a lot of choices to make.

If you are on a tight budget, you could turn some wood crates into comfortable seats and table arrangements for your balcony. Just convert the crates upside down, give them a little of paint in a cool colour, let them dry out completely, and arrange them the way you want. There you are! A straightforward, little plastic-type material table with plastic chair could work.

Light up

Light up your lanai with soothing lights. You could use Christmas lamps, paper lanterns, little a glass chandeliers or small lanterns. Putting some traditional Native american indian lamps or strings of lights in your patio could do wonders to how a place looks.

A Corner for Herbs

Dedicate an area for balcony gardening to expand different varieties of natural plants. Many herbs usually are easily available in the market and growing your own plants like rosemary, oregano, thyme or lemongrass isn’t difficult at all. For the evenings when you decide to prepare up something out of the ordinary, you could just step into the balcony plus your choice of fresh herbs is ready.

Besides the availability of ready and organic and natural herbal remedies, most herbs exude the slight aroma that would make the aura of the balcony really comforting.

Consider some hanging planters

Put up some metal hooks on your balcony ceiling or over a railing, and add some hanging planters. More plants, more trees, more colour plus more beautiful your sanctuary will appear, providing you a modern-day garden design.

You could choose from the wide variety of hanging planters available nowadays from plastic to capable decomposed material.

Put up some window boxes
If your balcony stocks a common wall with your kitchen, you could put in a couple of windows boxes too. It would be a great idea to plant some blooming plants or small fresh vegetables in these boxes.

Think about reaching out to these boxes while cooking in your kitchen, and plucking a few herbs or home-grown vegetables to add to your food. Nothing at all quite like that, right?

Get wall planters
Need even more greenery for your porch gardening? Opt for some wall membrane planters. These come in a varied shapes and sizes, and can be easily attached with your porch walls.

You could utilize some solid wood crates and metal hooks to craft them on your own. Plastic containers can be up-cycled and used as wall planters.

Give a splash of shades
Choose little quirky decor items in your signature style, to add to your patio – a tiny rug here, a ceramic frog there, a watering can, to place it in a corner, a curtain for the window, or a few cushions for your reading sofa. You might choose to colour-coordinate these, or perhaps let yourself go and pick up everything in a different colour.

The end result is a calming space, a retreat that screams ‘You’!

Follow these tips with a touch of your creative imagination to embellish your balcony with a modern-day garden design like never before. Beautify your little space to relax and admire the beauty around.