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7 Hidden Costs you should not Ignore while buying Property


1) Stamp Duty and Subscription fee
Stamp duty is a compulsory payment that the buyer is intended to pay the condition of hawaii government to get the house authorized under his/her name. These types of charges may differ on a state-to-state level from 5-7%, and the home will not be registered in name unless the stamp work is paid. Registration is the full and last legal agreement between the buyer and seller implying change of ownership; and the court charges a registration cost for it, which is generally 1-2%.

This may seem to be like a tiny amount but amounts up to lot. Let’s say, for example, the camp cost of the house is 3. 75 crore rupees. In cases like this, the stamp responsibility may come up to 18 lakh rupees and the registration charges will be 3. 75 lakh rupees. So stamp duty and registration charges together will cost you around 20-21 lakh rupees.

2) Routine service Deposit
Builders charge an advance maintenance or maintenance deposit of up to 2 years; this often comes under common amenities, park systems and lightings. In existing buildings, it is recharged as a deposit by society members in circumstance of any damages that occur in the next to future. This amount, the same way as other home charges, gets quite big with regards to the quantity of amenities provided or on the existing maintenance fee.

Oftentimes, clubhouse membership is included as well in this payment and the amount rises even more. This kind of amount depends from world to society and area to area. For illustration, in Mumbai, maintenance is rich in localities such as Bandra and Cuffe Parade and lower in places like Borivali and Mahim.

3) Brokerage Payment
This is not exactly an invisible cost, but it is among those home charges that slips out of your mind buying a house. Brokerage is the cost charged by the broker – the person who may be the middleman between the buyer and the owner.

Most brokers charge a payment of 1-2% of the total house cost; however, some are expensive and may even charge a higher payment. It is advisable to determine about the details and settle this with your broker at the onset itself. Intended for example, in the circumstance stated earlier, brokerage will add another 3. 75 lakhs to the base cost.

4) Parking space
With such a shortage of space in our country, sadly, parking space is not included when you buy the house. Depending on area you stay in and the size of the available parking space, this cost can be higher or lower. This cost should be paid to the seller and provides a separate cost.

If you do not pay this fee, the seller has all rights to sell it to another customer of the society. Once again, parking space provides a price decided by the place of the project – it usually starts from a lakh and go up to four to five lakhs, adding to the set of hidden home charges.

5) Interiors
This is actually the biggest and the main cost – an unavoidable cost because, without proper interiors, you are unable to move in. This includes art work, plumbing, buying new furniture or getting handmade furniture made, electric appliances, and the list is endless.

This kind of cost may easily go up to Rs. 10 lakh even after sacrificing and cutting down quite a bit. It could save you some money if going to shop for high-end products like bamboo sheets, but the expense of interiors is no less than Rs. 20-25 lakhs if you change everything and 15-20 lakhs if the essential interiors are already done.

6)Service Tax and Benefit Added Tax (VAT)
Virtually any under-construction property that is purchased within India is charges VAT and service tax. Like stamp work and registration charges, service tax and VAT are also fees that are paid to the us government.

The service tax is doze. 36% of 25% value of the under-construction property, while the VAT is charged on the development value of the task. The levied VAT sticks at 1 to 5. 5% of the value of the under-construction property. Together, these two income taxes may cost you 8-10% of the exact property value. In the event we take the cost mentioned above, that is Rs. 3. 75 crores, service tax and VALUE-ADDED TAX will amount to around Rs. 25-30 lakhs.

7) Preferential Neighborhood Charge (PLC)
Preferential Location/Locality Charge (PLC) is the extra charge paid to book an unit which is in an improved location within a particular structure or complex. This is different from one builder to another, typically premium assignments tend to have higher Preferential Location Charge.

Pertaining to instance, penthouses built on top of buildings and villas with gardens or a lake view have very high PLCs. In contrast to stamp duty and enrollment charges, service tax or VAT, this cost is not fixed and differs from builder to designer and also from time to time.

7 Invisible Costs You Should Certainly not Ignore When Buying A family house

While there is no way these home charges can be ignored, keeping them in mind can help one make an informed decision and appear at an effective estimate of the cost.